How Employee Choice Works 

Presidential Tee One Up

The contest runs October 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020. In October, November and December, producers can earn double credit for effective dates in those months.

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The ultimate Tee One Up reward is a spectacular trip to Pinehurst golf resort in Pinehurst, NC which is touted as the “Home of American Golf” for over 100 years. Each week, October 1, 2019—March 31, 2020, a winner will also be randomly selected from the cases submitted to receive a $100 Amazon gift card. 


Why offer individual insurance to employees?


Not all employees are eligible for the group benefit plans employers offer. But part-time and contract employees — even retirees — still want medical, dental and vision coverage. And employers are well-positioned to meet those needs. Read this white paper to find out how individual insurance is good for both employers and employees.


Remember to share your individual shopping link with employer groups. If you have not created your Ameritas producer portal account, review this step-by-step.​

Need more detail on how the BenefitEd product Employee Choice works? Or looking for a resource to share with employers? Here’s a short video that you can use when talking to, or corresponding with, clients considering Employee Choice. It describes what Employee Choice does and does not do. It also includes examples of how funds can be allocated with the plan. 


Also, don’t forget there is a BenefitEd commercial that can be shared to introduce employers to BenefitEd.


If you would like more information about Employee Choice or other BenefitEd products, please reach out to your Ameritas sales rep.



Sometimes employees need some encouragement to enroll in dental plans, and to use their benefits. You can offer educational touch points employers can share with employees at renewal and year-round.



There’s still time to earn double credit for cases submitted, approved and effective in November and December 2019. The contest runs until March 31, 2020. 


for contest updates and contest standings or contact your Ameritas sales representative.


Share the gift of hearing for the holidays


The holidays are right around the corner and buying for loved ones can be difficult. For those who suffer from hearing loss, what better gift than a hearing aid that really works? And the iHear device doesn’t cost nearly as much as traditional hearing aids! This holiday season consider if there’s anyone in your life that might benefit from an iHear hearing device. Do you have clients who would want to share iHear with their employees, friends or family? They may have a large population of older employees, or have a very family-focused mission and frequently share wellness information and products with their workforce.Learn more about these remarkable devices at

Increase employee enrollment and plan usage

Go Paperless


In an effort to provide more members with their EOBs electronically instead of by mail, we have begun sending emails to all members who we have email addresses for, and who have not already signed up to “go paperless,” asking them to do so.We are giving them two options:


  1. reply directly to the email they receive and a member of the Customer Connections team will sign them up, or
  2. log into their secure member portal and sign up themselves


We began sending out these emails on Monday, November 4. We have had very positive feedback and great participation in the program so far. We plan to continue to send emails to additional members through the end of the year.

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