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Presidential Tee One Up

The contest runs October 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020. In October, November and December, producers can earn double credit for effective dates in those months.

See you on the links!

The ultimate Tee One Up reward is a spectacular trip to Pinehurst golf resort in Pinehurst, NC which is touted as the “Home of American Golf” for over 100 years. Each week, October 1, 2019—March 31, 2020, a winner will also be randomly selected from the cases submitted to receive a $100 Amazon gift card. 


Ameritas individual shopping website enhancements


We recently rolled out enhancements on our dental and vision individual shopping site It includes an updated user interface, an option to opt-in for electronic delivery of plan information, and a refreshed product portfolio in some areas.

The best part of the website enhancement is your individual clients get a better shopping experience, and all you need to do is continue sharing your unique shopping hyperlink to generate sales.

If you have not created your individual shopping hyperlink, or your producer portal account, see this 
brochure for more information.​

Your clients are looking for new ways to offer great benefits to their employees. Have you talked to them about the student loan repayment benefits from BenefitEd?


There are several different options for employers to consider:


  • student loan repayment
  • college savings contributions
  • redistributing company match dollars
  • student loan refinance


Learn more about these programs in our latest article,

3 Ways Employers Can Help Employees Repay Student Loans and Pursue Additional Education, and our U-fi brochure for employees.



Effective February 1, EyeChoice rates will be going down. That means there has never been a better time to promote this plan, which is designed for businesses with 3 or more enrolled employees.

But why are rates going down? To put it simply, we’re doing this to stay competitive. Our actuarial team is constantly monitoring the competitive landscape and making sure that our premiums accurately reflect the benefits we provide.

For more information about EyeChoice, check out the updated brochure.




Share the gift of hearing for the holidays


The holidays are right around the corner and buying for loved ones can be difficult. For those who suffer from hearing loss, what better gift than a hearing aid that really works? And the iHear device doesn’t cost nearly as much as traditional hearing aids! This holiday season consider if there’s anyone in your life that might benefit from an iHear hearing device. Do you have clients who would want to share iHear with their employees, friends or family? They may have a large population of older employees, or have a very family-focused mission and frequently share wellness information and products with their workforce.Learn more about these remarkable devices at

Eyechoice premiums decreasing in February 

We’re excited to announce the expansion of the Ameritas Classic and Classic/Plus Dental Networks


On February 1, 2020, over 9,000 new providers will be added to the Ameritas Dental Network increasing it to more than 125,000 unique providers nationwide. This expansion allows our Ameritas dental plan members more convenient access to money-saving network providers.


Network dentists charge 25-45% less than their regular rates. And with more network providers to choose from nationwide, it’s easy for employees to visit a network dentist and save money. Ameritas plans are backed by our award-winning customer service and fast claims processing. 


Contact your Ameritas sales representative to learn more.


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